My name is Helene Frid and had my kennelname registred in 2002

I got my first borzoi in 1984 and have been loyal to the breed since then.





At Tångeråsens LC trail on 26th of September Bierioza´s Narodnaya won and recieved her second CCAC. Bierioza´s Shkara was on 3rd place.

At SKK CAC Dogshow in Gimo 10th of September Knl Bierioza´s had a good day.

Bierioza´s Paj-Choj Best Male BOS CAC

Bierioza´s Stanovoj Best Male-3

Bierioza´s Shkara Best Female-3 

Bierioza´s Biela Best Progneygroup'

Knl Bierioza´s Best Breeder 


Bierioza´s Narodnaya ended up on 2nd place with CCAC of 12 enteries at LC trial at Såstaholm, Täby.

Very sad news our beloved Bierioza´s Vesta past away on 28th of August. She will be deeply missed.


SvVk CAC Show Svenstavik 6 augusti Judge Markku Kipinä

B. Stanovoj BM-2 reserv-cac and BIS-3 Intermidiate

B. Paj-Choj BM-3 (on Sunday he was BM-3 Judge Karin Hedberg)

B. Shkara BB-3 reserv-cac and BOS Intermidiate

BIS-2 Breedersgroup

BIS-2 Prodgenygroup


Borzoi-Ringen Big Specialty CAC Show in Västerås

Judge: Astrid Wolf, knl Ailica´s

With 43 bitches enterd my darling Bierioza´s Shkara ended up as Best Bitch-4 with reserv-CAC I´m so overwelmed.

Best breeder was knl Bierioza´s


Some nice results from Sweden and Finland

owner: Maria Annala

B. Paj-Choj BM-3 r-CAC and r-Cacib (will turn in to CACIB) Kalajoki 24 July 

owner: Maria Annala

B. Stanovoj BM-3 r-cac in Kalajoki 23 July 

owner: Susanne Holmström knl Ulfur

B. Zimina Tvååker 8-9 July both days BB-3 with r-CAC


Swedish Borzoi Clubshow Tånga Hed June 26th Judge: Dan Persson knl Yermoloff´s

A wonderful dag for knl Bierioza´s

BIS and BIS-intermediate Bierioza´s Paj Choj (CH Lynx Autnum Fire X B. Biela)

BM-4 Bierioza´s Stanovoj (CH Lynx Autnum Fire X B. Biela)

BOS-Intermediate BB-3 Bierioza´s Shkara (CH Lynx Autnum Fire X B. Biela)

BB-4 Bierioza´s Belucha (CH Lynx Autnum Fire X B. Biela)

BIS-working Bierioza´s Biela (CH Tarasov´s Inverness X CH Ulfur Astra)

BIS-Veteran Bierioza´s Vesta (CH Tarasov´s Inverness X CH Ulfur Astra)

BIS-Breeder and BIS-prodgeny


Results from SKK Internationel Dog Show Gimo Judge: Bertil Lundgren

Bierioza´s Paj-Choj BM-2 CAC and reserv-CACIB

Bierioza´s Belucha BF-4 reserv-CAC

Bierioza´s Shkara and B. Stanovoj both exc


Swedish Sighthound Club Hässleholm 23th of May

Judge: Andreja Novak, Slovenia

Bierioza´s Bellatrix, 11 years old, ended up as BIS-2 Veteran out of many nice veterans 


Bierioza´s Shkara was BIR-intermediate over 8 borzois and ended up as BIS-3 Intermediate


Borzoi-Ringen Enköping Judge: Helena M Håkansson

Bierioza´s Stanovoj Best Male-2 and BOS Youngster


Bierioza´s Belucha has had a nice start in the showring.

SKK Show Gimo Best juniorbitch with exc and CQ Judge: Carina Ekvall

SKK Show Högbo Bruk Best juniorbitch with exc and CQ and BB-4 Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Borzoi Club Show Best juniorbitch with exc and CQ and BOS-junior Judge: Jeanett Lemmeke


Bierioza´s Bellatrix was BIS-Veteran at Borzoi Club show with Exc and CQ judge: Jeanett Lemmeke and Best Veteran at Högbo Bruk SKK Show with Exc and CQ judge: Mikael Nilsson.


Borzoi Clubshow 3 of July judge Christer Wik

First show for the puppies and they did great.

Bierioza's Belucha BIS-Junior and brother B. Stanovoj BOS-Junior 

And B. Galileo ended up as Best Dog-4 and B. Copernicus was BOS-Working

To top it Bierioza's Biela was BIS-Progenygroup with her offsprings.


New pics of puppies Litter 2020


New pics of the puppies Litter 2020


New pictures of the puppies at age 15 days. Litter 2020



Puppies born on 1st of October 2 males & 5 females

Morher: Bierioza's Biela

Father: CH Lynx Autumn Fire



Looking for summer...



On Monday 18th of November our dear "Himla" (SE UCH Tarasov´s Heaven and Hell ) pased away.


Swedish Borzoi Club Show in Uppsala 31th of August judge Alena Portesova 

Bierioza´s Biela was BB-2 and BIS-Working 

SE LCCH Bierioza´s Cassiopeia BIS-Openclass

Foto: Mette Lindblad


At the International Lure Coursing Trial at Strömsholm Bierioza´s Copernicus ended up as 2nd best male with CAC and CACIL owner: Maria Annala


At Swedish Sighthound Club CAC Show in Bjurholm 10th of August judge Christian Magré

Bierioza´s Galileo won BOS and CAC owner: Maria Annala

Bierioza´s Biela BB-2 r-CAC and SE LCCH Bierioza´s Cassiopeia BB-3

SE LCCH Bierioza´s Bellatrix BIS-3 Veteran and Kennel Bierioza´s BIS-3 Breedergroup. 


At the National Lure Coursing Trial in Bjurholm 11th of August 

SE LCCH Bierioza´s Bellatrix won 1st place age 8 years old

foto: Christian Magnusson


On February 11th our beloved "Astra" (CH Ulfur Astra) left us with a big hole i our hearts. She turned 12 years in december.


Swedish Borzoi ClubShow in Uppsala 15th of September

Judge: Agata Juszczyk, knl Z Jurajskich Bscupic, Polen

Kennel Bierioza´s Best Breeder out of 3 groups

BIS Working & BIS Working

SE LCCH Bierioza´s Cassiopeia and Bierioza´s Copernicus

Bierioza´s Galileo went Best Male-3 and BOS Openclass


SvVk CAC Show in Bjurholm 11th of August judge Andreja Novak, Slovenia

SE LCCH Bierioza´s Cassopeia went BOB with CAC and Bierioza´s Copernicus as BOS with CAC. 

Bierioza´s Galileo and Bierioza´s Vesta got R-CAC 

BIS-3 Working Bierioza´s Biela

BIS-3 Breeder Knl Bierioza´s 


Happy news:

At Swedish Borzoi Club at Tånga Hed we had a nice day:

Bierioza´s Galileo won BOS Openclass under judge Sue Pinkerton 

And Kennel Bierioza´s won Best Bereeder out of 4 groups



* Sundsvall 7 october SvVk CAC Judge: Rudi Brant Denmark

BB-2 r-CAC Bierioza´s Biela

BB-3 B. Cassiopeia

BB-4 B. Vesta

* Sundsvall 8 october CACIB SKK Judge: Arvid Göranson Sweden

BB-2 CACIB & r-CAC Bierioza´s Cassiopeia

* Vallentuna 14 october SvVk CAC Judge: Sajia Jutilainen Finland

BB-2 CERT Bierioza´s Vesta


This year all three females in second litter got CACs and two of them got CACIB 



Long time since an update. Here is some nice results.


LC Katrineholm: B.Cassiopeia 2nd and CAC over 8 females 

LC Nyland: 1st B. Bellatrix, 2nd and CAC B. Vesta, 3rd and CAC B. Galileo, 4th B. Copernicus

LC Bjurholm: 3rd and CAC and New LCCH B. Cassiopeia


Bierioza´s Cassiopeia



SvVk Tånga Hed: BB-2 with r-CAC B. Biela out of 28 bitches

Borzoi-Ringen Tånga Hed: B. Biela BIS-Openclass and  SE UCH Tarasov´s Heaven and Hell BIS-Veteran

Borzoi-Ringen Strömsholm: B. Galileo BIS-Openclass

SvVk Bjurholm: BB-2 CAC B. Cassiopeia CH Ulfur Astra BIS-3 Veteran and Bierioza´s BIS-2 Breeder

SKK Gimo: BB-2 and CAC B. Biela 


Bierioza´s Biela


Nice day at Lure Coursing Trial in Hedemora 14 May:

Bierioza´s Bellatrix 3rd and Bierioza´s Copernicus 4th and CAC owner: Maria Annala

The day before the Swedish Borzoi Club had a Breed Show i Borlänge Judge: Alma Abrahamns UK

Bierioza´s Vesta BIS-Working and Bierioza´s Copernicus BOS-Working and 4th best male.

Ulfur Astra was 4th Best Bitch and Bierioza´s Biela won BIS-Open.



The year 2016 was a nice year:

Nr 3 Best Lure Coursing Borzoi Bierioza´s Cassiopeia Qualified to LC EM 

Nr 5 Best Lure Coursing Borzoi Bierioza´s Vesta Qualified to LC EM

Nr 6  Best Lure Coursing Borzoi Bierioza´s Bellatrix 1st reserv to LC EM 

Nr 8  Best Lure Coursing Borzoi Bierioza´s Copernicus  Qualified to LC EM

Best Breeder LC Nr 2 Bierioza´s

Best Studdog LC Ch Ulfur Astra

Best Allround Borzoi Bierioza´s Cassiopeia


CH Ulfur Astra became BIS at the Swedish Borzoi Club (Borzoi-Ringen) Clubshow in Uppsala 24th of September and she also became BIS-veteran and Bierioza´s Cassiopeia was BOS-Openclass. Judge: Christina Sjökvist Persson, knl Cherrnak´s

And the day after Borzoi Club Lure Coursing Chamionship:

The entire litter born 2014 (Ch Tarasov´s Inverness X Ch Ulfur Astra) started at the trial.

Bierioza´s Cassiopeia became Best In Field 5 and Bierioza´s Copernicus Best In Field 6 and Best Male in Licensclass.


Result from a lovely weekend in Bjurholm 20-21 August 

Ch Ulfur Astra BOS BIS-4 Veteran and the father to our 2nd litter BOB Ch Tarasov´s Inverness

BB-3 and R-CAC B.Cassiopeia

BB-4 B. Bellatrix

BM-3 and R.CAC B. Copernicus

BIS-4 Breedergroup Knl Bierioza´s


At the Lure coursing trial Bierioza´s Cassiopeia got her first CAC and B. Vesta got a 3rd plac



At Lure Coursing trial i Hedemora Bierioza´s Vesta got her first CAC and 2nd place of 10 dogs.

Bierioza´s Bellatrix was 4th and B. Cassïopeia 6th.



Bierioza´s Cassiopeia was BIS at Borzoi-Ringen´s Clubshow in Landskrona 15th of May

Bierioza´s Biela was Best Feamle-3 and BIS-Intermediate and Bierioza´s Bellatrix BIS-Working.

Judge was Lars-Erik Jansson knl Majorow´s



Bierioza´s Biela won her first Lure Coursing Trial and CAC at Råssla Gård, Östra Ryd on April 17th

Bierioza´s Bellatrix was 3rd and Bierioza´s Cassiopeia 5th.


New pics of B. Cassiopeia, B. Vesta & B. Biela


All three got their Lure Coursinglicens: Bierioza´s Cassiopeia, B. Biela & B. Vesta


New pics of puppies Litter 2014


SE LCCH Bierioza´s Bellatrix was 3rd best borzoi in Sweden in Lure Coursing 2014.



New pics of the puppies at 7 months  Litter 2014 


New pics of the puppies at 4,5 months  Litter 2014


Bierioza´s Bellatrix was 10th of 46 borzoibitches at the European Championships in Lure Coursing in Lavarone, Italy.

New pics of the puppies at the age of 6 weeks, and they have got their pedigreenames Litter 2014


The pics of the puppies now at 4 weeks of age Litter 2014


New pics of the puppies at 2 weeks of ages Litter 2014


Pics of the puppies on page Litter 2014  


On 24th of May Astra gave birth to 2 males and 3 females


On the 11th of May Bierioza´s Bellatrix got her last CAC and became Swedish Lure Coursing Champion.

Foto: Christian Magnusson


Ulfur Astra is confirmed pregnant with Tarasov´s Inverness. Puppies are expected 22nd of May.




Bierioza´s Bellatrix was ranked 3rd best borzoi in Sweden in 2013




In september our beloved Ch Tarasov´s Danza Dajara past away, 12,5 years old.


Tarasov´s Heaven and Hell got her third CAC at SKK CACIB Show in Norrköping 18th of August and became Swedish Champion.



At Swedish Sighthound Club´s Show at Svenstavik 3th of August Tarasov´s Heaven and Hell got her second CAC and was BOS for judge Lena Stålhandske


At SKK Show at Svenstavik 4th of August Bierioza´s Argos got r-CAC and was BM-3 for Judge Diane Anderson




Bierioza´s Bellatrix is doing great at the Lure Coursing fields, she won and got her third CAC and first CACIL in Stjärnhov on the 29th of July.


Bierioza´s Bellatrix won the CAC at her first official Lure Coursing trial on the 8th of June in Gårdeby, Söderköping, and then on her second trial in Krånge Sollefteå the 13th of July she won and got her second CAC.



At Swedish Sighthound Club CAC Show in Köping Tarasov´s Heaven and Hell got CAC and 2nd best female and became BIS-working dog under judge Christian Magré, France



Bierioza´s Bellatrix was Best in Field at Borzoi-Ringen´s Lure Coursing Trial on September the 29th and also Best Junior




Bierioza´s Bellatrix got her first CAC at SKK CAC SHOW Gimo on September the 8th.

She was also Best Female 2nd. Her mother Ch Ulfur Astra became Best Female 3rd.

Judge: Alenka Pokorn




Ch Ulfur Astra got her International Beauty Campion titel confirmed to day!!!



Bierioza´s Argos got his first CAC at the Swedish Sighthound Club Show in Svenstavik August 4.

Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp.


Bierioza´s Argos JBOS and r-CAC at SvVK:s CAC Show at Tammsvik 29 July

Judge: Dana P Cline, USA




Astra had a great weekend in Riga, on June th 9th she got CAC and became lathvian champion and Best Female 2nd wirh r-CACIB, Bierioza´s Bellatrix got JCAC and was Best Female 3rd.

On June the 10th Astra was BOB and got her final CACIB for the titel C.I.B



Ch Ulfur Astra was BOS with CACIB at Vallentuna on May 27th



Bierioza´s Bellatrix BF-3 r-CAC and JBOB at the Swedish Sighthound Club show 12 may at Ljungbyhed new pic on her page 


New picture of Danza


Results from Sundsvall 14 april (Swedish Kennelclub) & 15 april (Swedish Sighthhound Club)

Bierioza´s Bellatrix 14 april Exc and15 april BF-4 JBOS

Bierioza´s Argos 14 april BM-4 and 15 april BM-3 r-CAC BIS-4 junior

Their father Tarasov´s Huzzler 14 april BM-3 r-CAC and 15 april BM-2 CAC-



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